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Regina Ippolito's Page

Regina Ippolito

Hi there! 

 My family and I have been involved in Oceans Harbor House for the last 20 years. I grew up watching my Dad embark on the 400 mile bike ride, telling my friends and other family members that the ride was, "5 days, 400 miles and he was raising money for Oceans Harbor House". My brother and I would eagerly await the phone calls that he would make on his breaks, and wish him luck throughout his journey. The ride often landed around the time of my birthday and my Mom would pack my brother and I up, and we would head out to whichever hotel he and the other riders were staying at ( the Saturday before the ride would end) and we would have dinner with all the riders! It very quickly became a summer tradition. As my brother got older, he started to SAG and then became a rider, and my Mom and I continued to support them on their journeys. After college, I did my first ride as a rider, and then shortly after that, my Mom became a member of the SAG team. 

This was my 6th year as a rider, my Dad's 20th year, my brothers 8th and my Moms 7th (as SAG).

The ride has had many iterations, many routes that were more challenging than others, hotels that could have been nicer, days that could have been cooler, rides that could have had more of a turnout...and when it comes down to it, it has never been about the riders.

We take on this challenge as a family and as a community because we know it isn't about us. It is about who we are doing this for.

Harbor House is and has always been about the community it serves, and I learned that at a very young age.

It is about stepping out of your comfort zone for someone else, helping them, lifting them up and providing someone with an opportunity that they may have otherwise not had. 

I ask you to donate what you can, and remember us for next year. Remember that kindess and action goes a long way for someone else.


Thank you! 

Donor Comments

Enjoy the ride. Stop to look at the scenery, and to wait for me (Dad).